Since I was 12 years old I have been a photographer, I vividly remember photographing this lighthouse on a small island in Denmark, the interaction between me and this beautiful structure, the appreciation of its presence right there on the beach and the awe for its function as-well the respect of the folklore surrounding this one but also most other lighthouses on the planet.

Then came the mystery embedded in the process of capturing a photograph on celluloid the interception of getting a roll back from the lab, the memory deeply embedded and it made physical though in 2D, I feel a still photograph is a form of illusion a literal description of how I and the camera saw a piece of time and space

Later in life my photography practice let me into moving images and the art of cinematography, here I was exposing 25 frames per second and assisting great directors in visualizing and elevating there stories, I really enjoy the teamwork with film-crew, its a one of a kind workspace with ever changing scenarios and adventures.

Curiosity for me is one of the strongest life forces, it drives me in most of what I do, using a camera as a motor / vessel in channeling these moments / interactions has turned out to be a great combo, I always have a camera near by and when I photograph I am actually not so fixed on the end result but more in the journey / interaction in the now, be it a human, animal or simply a texture…. – I love how a texture can evolve a feeling like searching and studying that which goes unnoticed.

Artist statement, Adam Jandrup 2023

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